Event Halls and Rooms Available for Rent

Lakireddy Auditorium

Lakireddy Auditorium, with an area of 4200 square feet is equipped with a large stage that is ideal for dance Arangetrams and dance performances accompanied by live orchestra. It is also ideal for music Arangetrams and musical performances with multiple artistes performing simultaneously on different instruments. It has a state-of-the-art audio system with 32 channel audio mixer, CD, flash drive, iPhone and Bluetooth playback capabilities. The audio system includes flash drive recording and effects processor.
The auditorium is equipped with LED and conventional lighting fixtures ideal for colorful dance performances with special effects. The state-of-the-art audio and lighting systems are suitable for all types of cultural events.

The audio and video are controlled from the control room located at the back of the auditorium. The auditorium is equipped with two projectors and drop-down screens and webcasting capability. It can comfortably seat 500 people in lecture style or 240 in banquet style. It has a nice entrance lobby and two well-equipped green rooms at the back with easy access to the stage.

Besides classical dances and music concerts, the auditorium has been used for weddings, meetings, lectures, art exhibitions and variety entertainment events.

If meals are to be served during the event the event, 240 people can be accommodated in the Auditorium in banquet style seating. Dining tables and chairs are provided for your event needs. For large events with 500 guests, organizers can conduct the cultural event in the auditorium, cook in the Akella Annadaana Kitchen and set up dining facilities in the adjacent Akella Assembly Hall described below.
Booking Event Halls at the Temple: Start by meeting with the Facilities Manager. Following are the key items to be considered:
  • Event Hall Reservation: Based on the type of event, size of the audience and your other needs, the Facilities Manager will be able to recommend the appropriate hall(s) and reserve it for you.
  • Priest Services: HCCC has a number of priests from various parts of India skilled in different languages and knowledgeable in various Sampradayas who are available for your event
  • Mahaprasadam (Food): If you want to serve fresh, hot food for the guests, Mahaprasadam services are available. You can have who needs to be approved by the Temple, and must conform to Temple's rules on what food can be served in the Temple - for instance, meat, onion, garlic and alcohol are not permitted on the Temple campus.
  • Application Form: Once you have decided on what you want to rent for your event, please fill out the application forms and make the required payment. Please follow the requirements for payment deadline and note the rules on cancellation of the booking.
We hope you will decide on conducting your event at the temple campus. Our office staff and the members of our management team are willing to work with you to make sure your event will be a memorable one.

Rates and Terms

Rental Rates range from $100/hour for the small rooms to $600/hour for the large auditorium. Minimum hours of rental apply for each room. Set up and cleaning charges as well as cancellation fees apply. See details in the Facility Usage Application Form.

Contact us

Priest services can also be reserved along with facility rentals.
Click on the link for Facility Usage Application form
Please send completed forms to [email protected]
For further details and to reserve available space,
please contact Temple Office at 925-449-6255