Maha Kumbhabhishekam



Maha kumbhabhishekams, July 1986

Shiva-Vishnu temple was inaugurated on 13th July 1986 following an elaborate Kumbhabhishekam ceremony that lasted for five days. Prior to that function, for a number of years, a team of artisans (Shilpis), under the guidance of our temple architect (Sri Muthiah Stapathi) had built the shrines for the deities and brought the stone idols sculpted by other shilpis in India. Kumbhabhishekam involves a series of religious rituals conducted in specially created yagashalas where divine power is captured in holy water kept in kumbhas. A number of senior priests had come from India and other temples in the United States to perform the religious ceremonies. At appropriate time during the ceremonies, the Stapathi opened the eyes of the stone vigrahas with a diamond-pointed tool. Subsequently, his team of shilpis installed the idols on their pedestals with a special bonding agent called ashtabandhanam, a special organic cement made with eight organic ingredients. Prior to installation of the idols on the pedestals, the devotees got an opportunity to deposit navaratna stones (nine semi precious stones) in the foundation, an act considered very auspicious for the devotees. Then on the final day, the sacred water from the vessels in the kumbhas in the yagashala was poured over the deities and the vimanas (the sanctum towers) by the priests, instilling divine power in them. Those present that day, witnessed showering of flowers from helicopters that flew over the temple, at the right time.
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