About Us

About us
Hindu Community and Cultural Center is proud to launch a Young Adults Committee to cater to the needs of Young Adults belonging to our community in the 18-32 years age group. This is intended to help Young Adults succeed in attaining their social and career goals while also exposing them to Hindu religion and culture through periodic Q & A sessions and volunteer opportunities. The goal is to build self-confidence, succeed in careers and relationships, navigate cross-cultural currents in our communities, lead purposeful lives and give back to the community.

Young Adults (18-32 Years)  are busy building careers and families and they are looking for


To help anchor people like CEOs as mentors to guide and mold these young adults.

It is also important for our community leaders share their expertise and look for young talent within the community

Net working

This is a critical aspect for young adults to meet, mingle and Socialize with others in similar age group as well as meet the community and company leaders.



Relationships could be built here as there is no other forum to bring about our young adults to mingle within our community



Net working helps to build contacts and extended contacts with 1-3 degrees of separation


We have completed two social events for 2018.