This is for information purpose only. You must consult your own Financial Manager. It is derived from such as Money Management Magazine/ Fidelity investments etc.

  1. First do not plan your place of Retirement depending on Children. If they happen to be near your place it is a plus.
  2. Plan preferably 2 years ahead Move to Gated Community for Seniors. HOA. No headaches of Maintenance and easy to get needed help and keep Company. The place shall be Rock soild.

The place shall be Rock Solid future closer to needed Amenities.

  1. Financial Management: By Ways of, Such as Fedelity/ Chase/ Meryl-Lynch / or other / or on Your OWN. Most of us need expert help and advice to start first.
  2. No No for free Lunch Advisers. Find one Broker with Track record and search his background for 10 yrs. or more. Pay no more than 1.5% commission. Check on for reference.
  3. Consolidate IRA to one Investment Account. Example Fidelity, Morgan Chase, Etc.
  4. Have Trusted ?? Relative to over see hopefully you have one? Less commission.
  5. IRA Tax withdrawal leave to Accountant. Pension Plan/ IRA it is mandatory with Minimal withdrawal.
  6. Tax Free Municipal Bonds Investment rated/ Annuities /CD's be part of your Portfolio. Stocks percentage(25 t0 40%) depending on your Risk tolerance and deiversfied
  7. Income: Steady income portfolio plus SSI income enough to cover your comfortable living and Travel.
  8. Expenses: Besides your Daily Living You need EXTRA 4% of Home Value to maintain your home paid off mortgage.
  9. Consider Health Care Cost > 65 yrs. Besides your Insurance and Medicare Out of Pocket $7,500. For > 75 need additional?
  10. It is advised at 70 years. of age Plan for 25-year Withdrawal Plan. (average Life Span)
  11. Aim at Four percent 4% return is safe to last that long.
  12. Flex your withdrawal to mitigate any losses in portfolio.
  13. If you want to live 30 yrs. from 70 You need Extra 300, inflation for Health Care.
  14. Stay healthy by Healthy Habits:
    a. Daily walking for 30 min.
    b. Keep weight no more than 30. Lbs to your ideal weight.
    c. Eat more vegetarian less of Non-veg. (Non-Veg-30%) 25% less chance of dying early.
Disclaimer: This is for information purpose only. It is derived from such as Money Management Magazine/ Fidelity investments etc. The information to be used as of help and support only and no other purpose. You must consult your own financial manager, attorney, Accountant or other Experts in the field.