In November of 2017, HCCC SC approved the formation of Golden agers strategic standing committee. The members are

  1. Dr. Peraiah Sudanagunta (Chairman)
  2. Dr. Kamala Shankar
  3. Mr. Bala Mani
  4. Dr. Mr. Kamlesh Jain
  5. Mr. Kumar Padmini
  6. Mr. Anand Gundu (Board Liaison)

GASSC met on 5th.Dec,2017 and elected Dr. Peraiah Sudanagunta as chairman and Dr. Kamala Shankar as Vice Chairman.

This committee has the goal to strategically plan and improve services for Seniors of Hindu heritage in Bay area.

Historical perspective- HCCC Senior activities/ program under Human services;

HCCC Human services has conducted various activities involving senior devotees. In 2007 Board of Directors initiated Senior activity program lead by Dr Kamala Shankar and Coordinated by Smt. Savitha Setlur. Over the years the program evolved under Human services EC lead by many coordinators, Mr. Anand Gundu, Smt. Suman Jain, Smt. Dharini Baskaran, Smt. Padmaja Madhusudan. The program /activities have continued namely: Yearly seniors day, Yearly bus trips, Volunteering at the temple, Senior activity program twice monthly ongoing for10 years, Arts/crafts activities, Bhagavat Gita discussion - Yoga/exercise and Socialization etc.