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                                                                                                                                  --M K Gandhi

Projects & Events
The scope of the projects conducted is mostly limited by the available resources. However, all projects and events require pre-approval by the HCCC board and will be conducted with in the frame work of its policies.

The following is a list of projects identified by the Human Services. Every year some of these projects or events are being executed routinely based upon the need for specific occasion and available resources and space. The committee appreciates motivated individuals identifying and conducting similar projects in different areas of public need and interest.

  • Food programs for the needy
  • Distribution of clothing, blankets, and toys in India and the US   .....FAQs.
  • Activities with Senior Centers
  • Honoring seniors and activities with Senior Centers
  • Support to other non-profit organizations dedicated to human services ....
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner (Livermore and in Bay area)
  • Health Advisory and Education Center on HCCC Premises   ........FAQs.
  • Health classes such as Yoga and/or meditation
  • Health drives such as blood donation and bone marrow
  • Donation of learning material to schools and libraries such as computers and books
  • Scholarships for gifted but needy students in India and the US
  • Donations to victims of Natural Disaster anywhere in the world
  • Funeral Services for devotees upon request
  • Prayer or Puja for critically ill upon request
  • Establishment of a Dedicated Fund for charitable organizations overseas
  • Infrastructure related projects for common use such as bus shelter
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