When there is love there is life   
--M K Gandhi


The Human Services Committee  is an integral part of HCCC and is chartered with the responsibility of serving the communities locally and globally on a need basis. HCCC board is the governing body for all Human Services activities.

Hindu Community & Cultural Center (HCCC) will strive to meet the Human Services needs of the worldwide community irrespective of religion, race, and cultural identity depending upon the available funds, on a priority and need basis.

HCCC allocates limited amount of funds each year for supporting eligible organizations engaged strictly in Human Service functions. Recipient organizations will be required to disclose the affiliations with other organizations to enable HCCC to determine their eligibility to receive HCCC charity funds.

Human Service projects are mainly aimed at basic human needs as food, shelter, medical and educational purposes. All of its funds will be spent in these areas only. Any deviation from this requires the approval from HCCC.

HCCC approves Human Service projects anywhere on the globe without geographical limitations. Human Services Committee strives hard to create reliable ways and means so that the projects are well executed and funds are 100% utilized on the targeted project.

Human Services Committee welcomes the association of individuals and groups who would like to identify, donate and execute projects for human cause within its spectrum of coverage.

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourself strong   
                                                                                                                    --Swamy Vivekananda