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  Temple Timings
9 AM to 12 Noon
6 PM to 8 PM
Friday, Saturday, Sunday & following days: 9 AM to 8 PM
1. New Years Day
2. Presidents Day
3. MLK Day
4. Memorial Day
5. Independence Day
6. Labor Day
7. Thanksgiving
8. Christmas
9. 1st January
Special Event Schedules & Timings, please refer Event flyer.


New Year 2023 Volunteer Registration Form

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Volunteer Do’s and Don’t’s for New year day
  1. Please arrive on time.
  2. Park your car at Croce school (5650 Scenic Avenue, Livermore - CA - 94551), Shuttle or Yellow cab will bring you to the temple.
  3. Sign in at with volunteer registration center (Palani room besides Admin office), provide your contact details and pick up the badge.
  4. Familiarize with and devotee movement orchestration.
  5. Take the details of Volunteer lead of your designated area and also command center details. And also familiar with closest exit doors, fire extinguisher, water, walkie-talkie person.
  6. In case of health issues or injury to any devotee (no critical), please inform to person in your area with walkie-talkie person, who in turn, will inform Command center, if you think it is emergency, please call 911 and inform Command center (before calling 911 please make sure it is real emergency like fire in the premises or some one having serious health issues which require immediate medical attention).
  7. If you are bringing kids along with you, please make sure to leave the kids in designated area.
  8. If you are co-volunteering with your kids of age 14 years or less, please stay with them during the entire volunteer time.
  9. Make sure devotees don’t jump over the rope in the queue lines.
  10. Due to longer lines and time, some devotees(diabetic/seniors) may feel dizzy, please keep some water bottles ,fruits, etc handy (only give it to needed people).
  11. Do inform the lead of your area, when you want to take break.
  12. All the traffic/parking volunteers, please come in warm clothing and boots.
  13. Volunteers helping inside temple, please come in traditional dress. Please maintain silence and encourage devotees to maintain silence in temple hall. And also, it will be great if you can give partial time to more needy areas
  14. Any kids in the age group 12-14 need to be volunteering under adult supervision.
  15. After you are done with volunteering in designated time slot and place , please check out in the volunteer registration center and hand over badge. If you would like to help with another area, kindly register back with volunteer registration with appropriate badge.
  1. If you are below 18 years , please do not volunteer in Kitchen or Parking areas or do not involve in heavy lifting tasks.
  2. Please do not argue/confront with devotees.
  3. Be polite and accommodative, please don’t keep pushing devotees in the queue
  4. "Minimize" any social conversations while volunteering, so that all the devotees feel they are very welcome.
  5. No Eating or Chewing in while working Food preparation/packing/distribution areas.
  6. Please "No" personal favors to friends or known people to avoid lines.


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