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Public Transportation
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You can plan and get the estimate of time and the actual route to temple by using the transit authorities web site

We do have public Transportation connection to the Temple and we encourage you to use them as much as possible when you come to the Temple, especially on crowded days like Jan 1st, Sri Rama Navami celebrations, etc., Also, if you cannot drive, then the safest and independent way to visit the Temple is by using the Public Transportation.

The Tri-City - Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin area is served by the Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA) Their buses have "Wheels" written on them. They connect our Temple from other public Transportation providers such as, BART, ACE, AC Transit and Greyhound. "Wheels" buses don't stop exactly at the Temple door. You have to get down at the Bluebell drive bus stop and walk a couple of minutes. Route #15 and route #11 are only two routes of LAVTA that come close to our Temple. For more info about "Wheels" buses call (925) 455-7500.

If you stay close to BART lines, you can take BART trains to Pleasanton and then ride route #10 bus to Livermore Transit center and change to another bus (or DART vans on Holidays and Sundays, see below) such as route #11 or route #15 to come to Temple. If you plan to come that way, note that you have to pay only $0.60 for the bus ride if you transfer from BART; and transferring from one "Wheels" bus to the other is FREE. Ask the bus driver, if you have any questions. Note that route #10 operates at different schedule on Weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

From Livermore Transit Center, you can take either route #15 or route #11 to reach Bluebell drive bus stop. These buses leave Transit center every hour and they operate with different schedule on Weekdays and Saturdays, while they don't operate on Holidays and Sundays. From Transit center, Route #15 directly goes to Bluebell drive bus stop and then goes around springtown golf course to arrive back at the intersection of Bluebell drive-Springtown Blvd intersection about twenty minutes later. But route #11 goes around springtown golf course first and arrives to the Bluebell drive bus stop about twenty minutes after it passes the intersection of Bluebell drive and Springtown Blvd. So, if you don't mind walking a couple more minutes while riding route #11, just get down at the intersection.

Apart from the Fixed route buses, LAVTA also operates a flexible route service called DART. For a nominal charge of $1.25 DART vans connect places that are not covered by "Wheels" buses. Note that DART does not connect our Temple directly from Pleasanton BART station, you have to take route #10 from BART station to Livermore Transit Center and then change. On Holidays and Sundays, DART is the only connection from Livermore Transit center to our Temple. For more info on DART or to reserve for your trip call 925-447-DART (925-447-3278).

Bus schedules and maps can be found at

If you would like to come from San Jose area, you can come by ACE Train, their schedule is located at Or you can take Route #180 up to Fremont BART station. (See ) From there take BART and change at BayFair station to reach Pleasanton BART station. From there you can take Route #10 to come to Livermore Transit Center and then take DART van or route #11 or route #15.

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