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Priest's speeches about Atirudra Mahayagnam



Atirudram and Sata Chandi Homam are considered as the highest form of worship to Lord Shiva and Godmother Shakti and usually performed in conjunction. This great Yajnam ('Ati' means "ultimate") is a destroyer of all sorrows, provider of 'Kshema' and is performed for ‘Loka Kalyana’, good of humanity as well as to ensure peace & prosperity for all participating devotees. This eleven day Mahayagnam is a rare opportunity to participate in or witness in one’s lifetime.

Atirudram is performed by 11 priests and 110 Ritviks chanting Sri Rudram 11 times per day for 11 days, thus making 14,641 recitations of Sri Rudram (14641 Namakams and 1331 Chamakams) during Rudra Japam and Homam. Each of Namakam and Chamakam consists of 11 sections called “Anuvakams”. Namakam sings the glory of Lord Shiva and Chamakam is requesting the Lord to grant the devotee materialistic and spiritual grace so that he/she can elevate self and serve Lord’s creation in this universe.

Sata Chandi Homam is performed by 10 priests for 10 days, thus making 100 Chandi Homams.
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